Over the years SEO techniques have kept on changing and what worked today may not work tomorrow and what seemed like a complete waste of time yesterday maybe what helps you the most today.

Thus it is important to keep updating yourself about which methods work and which don’t and to help you out with that, today I have covered 4 SEO methods you should stop using right away.

Avoid Guest blogging to get links


Guest blogging has been one of the most widely used SEO technique for quite a lot of time now but it is no more the way to go about building links.

So in case you still plan to use Guest Blogging you should definitely consider dropping it or be very cautious when using it.

How I think the changes will work is firstly google will clampdown on guest posts that are pointless to the topic of your site.

They will also be stricter and penalties on optimised anchors in guest posts will be harsher and they will also raise the significance of Google authorship and authority. So be really careful when using guest blogging.

Follow the link building techniques, recommended by Karan at StartupEngine.

Do not use Optimized Anchors


Another very commonly used SEO method is the use of optimized anchors along with the keywords.

It may have worked really well for you in the past but nowadays it is better if you stay away and avoid using it at all if you want to avoid getting a penalty.

So the question that arises now is what anchors are actually safe to use? Well there still are loads of anchors that can be used safely.

You can make use of naked URL’s, Branded URL’s or even use a long phrases and put the anchor link in that.

It’s not quantity of links but the Quality of the links that matters

In case you thought getting a lot of backlinks is key then you’re absolutely wrong because backlinks are something you can even buy and that too at quite cheap rates through numerous SEO agencies.

But the backlinks you get through such agencies can completely spoil your website if the links are penalized, have a low DA or if you get a massive amount of backlinks in a short time period.

Link building is obviously crucial but you need to keep in mind that SEO value from link building relies on the authority and validity of the site that is sending such links and not just on the quantity of links you manage to get.

Avoid overuse of keywords

Yes keywords are very important but overuse them and your site will get penalised. Note that if you are using long tail keywords there is a higher chance of your website getting penalised so I would suggest you to use head terms.

You also need to ensure that you publish numerous good quality posts that are also long enough because the more the number of pages you have, the more pages on your site will be indexed which is always good.

Also only use relevant keywords. Avoid using keywords unnecessarily because those will definitely get your website penalised.

CSR Racing is an action-packed, fast-paced thrilling game. The hot cars and intense racing always keeps you at the edge of the seat. It is a high quality game which will keep you glued to the mobile for a very long time.


In this guide I am sharing how to download and play one of the most reputed racing game in Android marketplace. CSR Racing has great user reviews and has already been downloaded more than 100 million times and the number only continues to rise. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5. CSR Racing is developed by renowned developers and to top all that, this game is available on Google play store for free.

Play clash of clans at Extraneous-kickassery.com.

All these facts make this game irresistible and make you want it even more. Wouldn’t it be even more fun to play this game on bigger screen of your computer as compared to smaller screen of your mobile?

Although officially it’s not available on PC, you can still workaround it to play this game on your computer which will be shared later in this guide.

Features and Descriptions of CSR Racing

CSR Racing is the best drag racing game in Android marketplace but the only downside to it is that it is only “drag racing” game. This game does not include any other types of racing.

Graphics are of high quality with real life inspired animation and sound effects are awesome.

This game is divided into many levels. It has got interesting story line where you have to defeat many racers and their boss to win the championship.

Cars look very realistic and are licensed. This game also have large variety of cars from souped-up stock cars to luxury super cars with everything in between.

Only limitation is that this game is not available on PC platform. But don’t worry in this guide I will tell you how to download and play this game on PC.

How to Download CSR Racing on your PC

For downloading and installing CSR Racing for PC you need to follow the steps I am sharing in this section and I assure you that the game will be installed in your system easily and without any trouble.

Before starting the installation process check whether your graphic drivers are up to date. If not, update your Graphic drivers to latest version update.

  1. You will have to download Andy software. It’s available for free on its official website. Andy software is an Anderoid emulator which is used to run android apps on Windows PC
  2. Now install the Andy software by clicking on its setup, which you just downloaded. Follow the on screen instructions and you will be able to install the software easily.
  3. Once Andy is installed run it using its launch icon on desktop or from Startup menu
  4. Then find Google play store app with in Andy’s user interface.
  5. You’ll have to log into your Google Play account on your “virtual Android device” just like you would with real one.
  6. Use the search tool of Google play store and search for CSR Racing.
  7. Finally click on the install option of CSR racing game. It will auto install the game on your PC

After it is installed you can play CSR Racing game on your computer whenever you want using Andy software. Enjoy and have fun.